General cargo and Bulk cargo

International transport and forwarding by sea is transport of cargos from point to point, located on the territory of different countries.  Loads can be general, bulk, liquid, which determines the way of shipment, finding a suitable vessel, storage and handling the loads during the loading and unloading operations.
In our long practice as a cargo and shipping broker in the implementation of international transport and forwardingthe “Flamingo” experts have transported and handled various kinds and quantities of general cargos, packaged or unpackaged cargos such as bags, cases and boxes, kegs, casks, barrels, packages, rolls, rails, pipes, cardboard boxes and wood, straw bales etc.. General cargos are most often shipped in a package (tare), which must be robust and complying the approved standard for transport by sea.
As an international transport and forwarding company, we have also shipped cargos of reinforcement bars, steel pipes, profiles, ship sheet metal, aluminium bundles, soda, cement in slings, fertilisers in big bag, etc., which occupy a large share of our business. 

Международен транспорт на стоки
международен транспорт на насипни товари

“Flamingo Shipping” offers effective solutions for international transport and cargo shipping, including  bulk cargo, regardless of the type, volume, weight and destination.  We are experienced in the handling of various cargos: ore, coal, grain products, metal scrap, technological wood, kaolin, fireclay, biomass and other bulk cargos types. Our team extensive and our global partners knowledge,  proven competence in the field, we have all the necessary resources to ensure high-quality services to our clients and implement their projects, in accordance with their time and budget requirements.

As an international transport and forwarding company, we offer the following accompanying services:
* Consulting, planning and creation of a work plan.
* Preparing customs formalities and the entire cargo documentation.
* Loading/unloading operations and storage.
* Coordination and monitoring of the entire process, reporting of information in real time, etc.
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спедиция и международен транспорт на дървен материал
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