Oversized and heavy units

Sea transport plays a key part in the transport of project cargo due to the cargo specifics and the relatively low transport cost.

When it comes to transporting oversized units and heavy units over sea Flamingo Shipping is one of the leading and well known companies in the industry. Due to the specifics of sea transport, this type of cargo requires both knowledge (practical and theoretical) and quality service and professional attitude from the moment the land transport, through loading operation at the port securing of the cargo on ship  for sea transport. Flamingo Shipping, with its vast network of partners, is able to ensure the most suitable transport solution, giving its Customers the peace of mind and confidence that the cargo will be delivered on time.

извънгабаритни товари натоварени в пристанище Бургас
Oversized and heavy units 1

Flamingo Shipping offers complete solutions, relevant to your industrial project cargo for national and international projects, vehicle transport, warehousing, sea and river ship chartering, port operations, cargo shoring, and customs services.

Flamingo Shipping is a leader in the area for oversized and heavy unit transport. We can completely satisfy the requirements of the different areas of both light and heavy industries. We always strive to deliver the most optimal solution, while taking into consideration the multiple factors of the transport industry.

извънгабаритни товари натоварени в Бургас от Фламинго Шипинг
натоарваване на 120т. трансформатори в пристанище Бургас
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