Spedition and warehousing

The main objective of “Flamingo” is the provision of the full client service. That is why we offer the shipping and logistics services.  Shipping covers the full processing of the cargos from its acceptance by the shipper to its delivery to the client.
As your trusted forwarder, besides organizing the transport of your cargos, “Flamingo” provides you also the services of loading, unloading, palletisation and depalletization, containerization and decontainerization, sweeping, washing, covering, storage, door-to-door delivery .

Loading and unloading services – besides shipping, we offer loading and unloading services on the territory of the ports of Burgas and Varna, as well as in our warehouses.  In the warehouses used we have various  lifting equipment, which allows us to handle almost all types of goods. Additional and accompanying processing services are lashing and unlashing, palletisation and depalletization, containerization and decontainerization, sweeping, washing, covering.

Storage services – for your convenience we offer also warehousing of cargos in closed and open-air warehouses. We offer you storage places as at ports of delivery, so in licensed warehouses through our partner network throughout the country. So your goods can wait at store for the most convenient and inexpensive transportation, reducing the risk of unforeseen costs for you.

Door-to-door delivery – the door-to-door services, door to port and port to door services are for aimed clients who want to reduce: the shipping costs; the risk of loss and damage of the goods; delivery period. Thrpugh our worldwide partners, we take your goods from the moment of its dispatch to delivery to the end user.

Trust us – your forwarder, who provides you with a full range of services – shipping, loading and unloading, warehousing and delivery.

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