Shipping cargos by sea, plays a main role in transport worldwide. It deserves special attention, training, dedication and professionalism of those working in the area, which our team of specialists with experience and professional qualification strive to maintain and develop in line with the newest trends.

The ship broker plays a key role as a mediator between the shipowner and the charter company.  With our almost twenty-year experience in the field of brokerage, we are a preferred ship broker among many shipowners and charter companies.  We will consult you, will participate in the negotiation the clauses of the shipping contract until its final conclusion.

We will transport your cargo from/to any port in the world. With its large network of partners – brokers, shippers and ship owners around the world – Flamingo Shipping EOOD gives you the optimal shipping price, conforming the nature of the cargos, transport requirements and delivery terms.
As a result of our year-long experience and proven professionalism, many shipowners and lessees nominate us for their ship broker/agent/representative in the ports of Burgas, Varna and Nesebar.
We are a ship broker, specialised in the shipping and processing of military production with and without a hazardous class, nonstandard and oversized loads.  In our long practice we have been a ship broker or agent of vessels, loading/unloading bulk, general, liquid or liquefied cargos and at  last but not least agent of passenger vessels, served in the ports of Burgas, Varna and Nesebar.

Flamingo Shipping EOOD offers you a transport plan from the loading at the manufacturer’s premises to the supply of the cargos to final recipient.
This includes :
  • land transport by rail or by road (ADR),
  • reloading from/to a wagon or a truck from/to a vessel or warehouse,
  • organizing the acceptance of the load in a licensed warehouse, if necessary,
  • preparation of all necessary import/export documents ,
  • leasing of certified and meeting the transport requirements for hazardous and military loads, shipped by sea, a vessel or a part of it
  • ship agency,
  • preparation of cargo documents,
  • certification of the vessel cargo plan,
  • organizing the proper loading of the vessel according to the marine transport requirements ,
  • organizing the cargo lashing and unlashing,
  • cargo insurance on request by the client, combined or for a specific part of the shipping, delivery to the final client.
If you need a ship broker, contact us.
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