Air transportation

As a result of many years of work in the field of transport services and concentration on meeting the specific requirements of each customer, “Flamingo Shipping” Ltd. enriched its vast range of services by adding one more – air transportation. The established relationships with our partners let us give our customers reliability and quality and the opportunity to develop comprehensive transport solutions combining different types of transport.  
With “Flamingo Shipping” Ltd By air:
Specialized in transport of dangerous goods and military products by air, sea and land
Permissions for flight and landing with “forbidden to transport by air” cargo
Flights with dangerous goods must comply with the growing number of requirements and restrictions related to the safety of transportation. The use of specialized aircrafts for charter cargo flights licensed by the corresponding Civil Aviation Administration (CAA), allows the goods, “forbidden” to travel by air, to be transported. All the necessary flight applications for authorization as an exception will be sent to the respective institutions to obtain the necessary permits for flight and landing, including use of diplomatic channels if needed.  
Documentary consultation 
Самолет за въздушно карго
Товарене на военна техника (танк) в самолет за въздушно карго
Charter cargo flights – according to the volume, weight and size of your cargo, we will offer the most appropriate type of aircraft, considering its current position, in order to optimize the cost of the charter flight.
Aircraft services at the airport:
  • aircraft ramp and cargo handling services
  • airport landing and parking fees
  • catering for crew and pax
  • flight brief
  • hotel accommodation
  • crew transportation
  • flight supervision
For your own peace of mind during transportation, we also offer you Cargo insurance by almost all companies on the market. Read more here.
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