Special cargo, military production

The shipping of special cargo (goods for the Defence industry classified or not by IMO code) is one of the main directions of successful development of the “Flamingo” company. We have experience in the transportation of dangerous goods – military and civil production.
What does transportation of dangerous goods mean?
As “special products” are qualified all the goods that according to IMDG Code are classified as dangerous goods or according to the Bulgarian legislation are goods with possible dual-use. They are a subject to importation, exportation and transportation control. The controlling authorities are the National Customs Agency, the Executive Agency ”Maritime Administration”,  KOS department at the Ministry of Interior, etc.

Special cargo, military production 1
Special cargo, military production 2

The Military equipment (products for the Defence) are destined for a military organization and are used for military purposes, mainly by the Ministry of Defense of the importing country.

If you need transportation of Military equipment including dangerous goods, we will offer the most optimal alternative for shipping, according to your requirements and the rules and regulations for transportation. Our highly qualified staff will consult you on any issue concerning the security and safety measures during transportation, the requirements for the ships transporting special cargo and military production, the requirements of the port, maritime and customs authorities about the presented information by the sender and/or the recipient.  We will offer you the most appropriate scheme for processing and transportation of dangerous goods, including military and civil production with and without a hazard class. 
dur to new IMDG regulations for transporting by sea, most of the goods clasified as dangerous  must be transported in closed transport units(containers). For our Clients we can offer full set of used containers 

Special cargo, military production 3
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