Container trading

According the latest rules for marine transport of special products, most of this type cargos should be transported in closed shipping units. Due to these provisions and due to increasing demand of our clients, the Flamingo group of companies has already traded used shipping containers. They are particularly suitable when you have to meet certain requirements for shipment and have many advantages, such as:
  • Low price for a container
  • Easy loading/ unloading of cargos in/ to marine container
  • Easy loading/ unloading of marine container on/ from vessel board
  • Ability for repeatable using the marine container
  • Ability to transport the marine container for loading / unloading inside the country without special requirements or specific authorization
  • etc.
You can buy all kinds of marine containers from us at attractive prices:
  • 20’ standard marine container
  • 40’ standard marine container
  • 40’ High Cube marine container
  • 20’ Open Top marine container
  • 40’ Open Top marine container
Sample sizes of containers could be found HERE
корабни контейнери цена
купуване и продаване на контейнери
корабни контейнери цена
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