Railway transportation

Part of our services is also the rail transport. It is suitable to transport a bulky and heavy loads which may not be transported just by road.
We implement conventional cargo shipping in open and closed wagons; shipments of cement, aggregates and other bulk cargoes in specialized wagons, ensuring protection of the load and ease in loading and unloading operations; transportation of liquid fuels (light and dark) in specialized wagons; cargo shipping in large tonnage containers on specialized platform wagons; shipment of perishable goods that require maintaining a certain temperature control in special refrigerated compositions., shipping of dangerous loads etc.

Railway transportation 1
We can offer our clients various shipping services at favourable prices and trading conditions, namely:
  • cargo shipping in insulated wagons;
  • cargo shipping in insulated block – trains;
  • cargo shipping in regular route trains under coordinated with other railway administration route, schedule and prices;
  • shipping under specially agreed transport plan;
  • shipping of heavy, oversized and unusual cargos;
  • shipping of loads from/ to Bulgarian Black Sea ports of Varna and Burgas, including large-tonnage containers, handled in these ports terminals;
  • shipping of loads from/ to Bulgarian Danube River ports of Ruse, Lom, Svistov, Silistra, Vidin;
  • shipping by rail to the stations of Southwest Bulgaria, where provide reloading of cargos  on vehicles to Macedonia;
  • shipping by ferry from / to Varna, the Caucasus (Russia) Ilichevsk (Ukraine), Poti (Georgia) and extension of rail transport from / to the CIS countries, Central and Middle Asia.
Railway transportation 2
coal train
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