Ship agency

Ship agency is a part of the services, offered by “Flamingo”. In our year-long activity as a ship agency, we have served ships in the ports of Burgas, Varna, Sozopol and Nesebar.  We have been a ship agent through subagents in the ports of Ruse, Vidin and Lom.
The company has been nominated for a ship agent of:
  • liners and tramp vessels
  • passenger vessels
  • Ro-Ro vessels
  • military vessels
  • tankers
  • vessels in shipyards

In our 20-year  history as a ship agency, our agency vessels have been loading and unloading all kinds of cargos, including: military and civil products with/without a hazardous class; heavy and bulky cargos; oversized cargos; straw bales; timber; agricultural production.
Rely on us as your trusted ship agent.  We will take care of your vessel problemless mooring in visited ports. The services we provide comply in full with the contractor interests. We will assist you to implement any commitments and to resolve any arising problems.

Кораб на пристанище
Корабен агент и кораб на пристанище
The services we offer as a ship agency are the following: 
  • Ship agency
  • Supply and delivery of provisions
  • Supply and delivery of technical equipment
  • Bunkering
  • Repair operations
  • Assistance in providing medical care
  • Settlement of formalities in the event of crews changes (crew embarking and disembarking)
  • Transferring of crew, supervisors, shipowners and other persons, who need to embark or disembark the vessel.
  • Settlement of formalities in delivery and shipment of spare parts and other cargos.
  • Settlement of transport of cargos to/from a vessel.
  • Supervision of loading/unloading operations
  • Lashing and unlashing of loads
  • Providing materials, necessary for loads lashing
Rely on us – your ship agent, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Корабен агент се ръкостиска с клиент на фон на кораб
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