Cargo insurance

Flamingo Group is actively engaged in insurance. Through successful partnerships with all insurance companies we can meet appropriately to our clients needs, provide them offers tailored to their wants and needs.

In this area we basically deal with cargo insurance.
Cargo Insurance provides insurance coverage for all types of cargo, goods, property, objects etc., shipped by sea, road, river, air or combined transport operations against loss and / or damage as a result of occurrence of insurance event during their transport to or from anywhere in the world or in the territory of Bulgaria.

The main objective of cargo insurance is to compensate financial loss of cargo owner that could be incurred if the goods perish or be damaged during transportation. The insurer pays compensation for total or partial loss of cargo depending on the insured event covered by the policy and risks. Costs incurred to save and mitigate the damage is also reimbursed as well as fees for issuing emergency protocols.

Flamingo is a partner of all established on the territory of Bulgaria insurance companies, thereby always offer the best ratio between price and insurance coverage.
We can offer, following types of insurance:
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