hotel Sunday

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Sunday Hotel, located in the town of Kiten – a great place for summer vacation, for our employees and also for many of our partners and clients. You can find more about location, rooms etc. on the website of the

hotel Yannis

Hotel Yannis is located about 20 meters from the entrance to the central beach of Lozenets village and 300mfrom the center of the village, making it a favorite vacation spotMore information about the hotel and the services offered to see

accounting company 
Aktivi Plus Ltd

Aktivi Plus Ltd. is an accounting company that offers all types of accounting services – maintaining the company nameinitial registration of company registration and deregistration in the VAT submission of monthly and quarterly reports, publication of annual financial statements and others. The address of the company is the citySofia, bul. Al. Stambolijski 205 bl. Niproruda building, ent. section B, et. 1, Office 122tel+359 2 812 64 70 and +359 887 439 851

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